US 488 – 144/222/432 Most Needed Grids

Recently, by requests of others, I started a new project similar to FFMA where needed grid data is collected for the 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm bands with hope to provide information and tools necessary for grid chasers and rover/activators to sked and plan grid activations. Anyone that is actively collecting grids on theses bands is invited to participate in the data collection. Click here to view the current 144_222_432 US 488 Leader Board If interested in helping with this project, I can get you set up for data collection if you provide the following for each band you participate:
Once I have your data, I will email you a link to an online spreadsheet for you to use to track your data. (Give me a few days on this)
Your personal online spreadsheet will also produce simple grid square maps of your worked stations.
Please share and encourage others to participate.