Year 2023


Any FFMA grid activation that begins between: January 1, 2023, 12:00 AM through December 31, 2023, 11:59 PM.

Operators must be physically present in the grid(s) being activated. (No RHR stations, No Home/Primary QTH stations)


Callsign and Maidenhead grid locator (4 characters, e.g., EL15).


6 meters

Operating Modes



Multipliers are awarded for number of different FFMA participants worked that need the grid(s) being activated per the “Needers” list within the FFMA Leader Board (from the most recent update prior to the activation).  

Bonus Points

100 bonus points (added before multipliers) for working a station for their final FFMA grid per the list in the “Leaders Tab” within the FFMA Leader Board (from the most recent update prior to the activation). 


1 point per QSO (Dupes not counted)

Multiply total QSO points (including bonus points) by total number of Multipliers

Example 1. N5UC activating DM02 works stations as follows:

103 QSOs with 11 of those listed as needing DM02 and 1 of them 10 being K1TOL for his 488th FFMA grid.

103 QSOs + 100 Bonus = 203 points

203 points X 11 multipliers = 2233 total points

Example 2. WB8LYJ activating EL58 works stations as follows:

140 QSOs with 20 of those being listed as Operators needing EL58 and 2 of the 20 being N7CW and NA6L for their 488th FFMA grid.

140 QSOs + 200 Bonus = 340 points

340 points X 20 multipliers = 6800 total points

Example 3. KG5CCI activating EL08 works stations as follows:

173 QSOs with 40 of those being listed as Operators needing EL08.

173 QSOs + 0 Bonus = 173 points

173 points X 40 multipliers = 6920 total points


ADIF or Cabrillo format logs must be submitted to KV5W by January 7th, 2024. Please feel free to submit logs throughout the year. All submissions will be scored and the results will be returned to the participant for cross checking.


All scores will be posted at


A printed certificate will be awarded to the operator with the top score. Digital certificates will be issued to all other participants.

Special Notes:

1.Gridline/Confluence Activations will be scored as separate grid activations (Logs will be split to score appropriately)

2.Multiple activations of a specific grid by the same Activator/Rover will score cumulatively. Example: N5OMG activates EL84 three times during the year, then all three activations will score cumulatively as if it is a single grid activation.

3.All bonus and multiplier scoring will be based off the FFMA Leader Board data. No adjustments will be made for out-of-date information. Example: If a station is worked and it is their last FFMA grid, but the grid status is not represented as so on the Leader Board, bonus points will not be awarded for the contact. The only exception to this rule is if the operator reached 487 confirmed grids after the Leader Board update that was made just prior to the activation. Additional verification may be required.

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