NA Meteor Scatter Sprint Re-Cap

We saw more participation than expected in the first run of this contest. Especially given the short notice about the event.

The final results have been posted.

A number of issues were identified and will be addressed in the next iteration of this event.

I had concerns about including 6 meters in the contest, but felt that the likelihood of a band opening was slim so late in the season. Well, it proved me wrong.

The 6 meter openings that occurred throughout the duration of this event really had a negative impact on the contest and it became difficult to identify the difference between MS and Es contacts made on 6 meters.

All issues aside, the event was successful thanks to those that participated.

Using examples from similar events and suggestions from participants, I am currently putting together the revised MS event and will be presenting it soon.

Thanks to everyone that helped me put this together, participants in the event, and for all the recommendations for improvement.