Thanks to all that participated in the first run of the NA MS Sprint.

Congratulations to the Callsign Plaque (made by ND0B) winners – NV4B/R, K2DRH, and VE5UF.

RoverNV4B/R7,439Chris Arthur1st
Single Op – High PowerK2DRH206,212Bob Striegl1st
Single Op – High PowerWT0DX50,938Bill Thomas2nd
Single Op – High PowerNH6T48,377Reg Olson3rd
Single Op – High PowerVA3IKE44,630Ike Csaszar4th
Single Op – High PowerAC0RA42,662Wyatt Dirks5th
Single Op – High PowerK2PS41,696Pete Stafford6th
Single Op – High PowerW0VB41,266Terry Van Benschoten7th
Single Op – High PowerW9RM39,193Jay Morehouse8th
Single Op – High PowerK5ND37,007Jim Wilson, Jr9th
Single Op – High PowerK6VHF25,879Alex Nersesian10th
Single Op – High PowerAD4TJ25,001David Tanks11th
Single Op – High PowerKE5RV21,209David Judkins12th
Single Op – High PowerNF3R9,110Joel Rubincam13th
Single Op – High PowerNA9RB6,401Randal Burnham14th
Single Op – High PowerAA4DD1,368Dave Saul15th
Single Op – Low PowerVE5UF40,586Doug Freestone1st
Single Op – Low PowerWX9M25,710Rick Abbott2nd
Single Op – Low PowerWA5TKU20,448Wes Atchison3rd
Single Op – Low PowerVE3NEA18,571Alex Shovkoplyas4th
Single Op – Low PowerWU9D14,270Mike Rohwedder5th
Single Op – Low PowerAA5AM11,180Scott Armstrong6th
Single Op – Low PowerAA2IL8,668Joseph Attili7th
Single Op – Low PowerN0AX6,508Ward Silver8th
Single Op – Low PowerKE5ZBG6,190Erick Nelson9th
Single Op – Low PowerAJ6V2,588Ed Radlo10th
Single Op – Low PowerK3TD972Tad Danley11th